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  -www.澳门金沙6088.comPre-sale service:

To answer incoming calls and resolve relevant technical problems. As regards specific project technology, it will be turned over to technical staff for more detailed solution. In terms of design, the technical section will provide corresponding designing scheme on time.

  After-sale service:

In conformity with the requirements of ISO9001:2008 quality system and related documents, every link of products purchasing, equipment production, installation and testing is strictly controlled. Technical services provided in GEAREA covers all aspects of engineering technology cooperation, installation & debugging, equipment maintenance & repair, while the process run through each stage of technical preparation, project implementing and long-term use. Based on customers utmost, GEAREA strives to provide the best services at all times.

1. Strictly in accordance with the contract,ensure that the provided products are brand new, up to design standard and qualified.

2. Ensure that the supplied equipments are equipped with skilled processing technic and excellent testing method.

3. Insure the supplied equipments in the process of manufacturing, transporting and handling.

4. Offer 24-hour technical consulting service and fault accepting service.

5. Based on a fully prepared training plan, two management and maintenance personnel will be well trained so that they can help customers eliminate common problems in time.

6. Provide a series of technical materials for the supplied equipment, such as the design paper, instructions and training.

7. Any quality problem in warranty period (except man-made sabotage and force majeure like natural hazard), our company is responsible for all free replacement or repair (eg. free personnel expenses, materials expenses, administration expenses, financial expenses etc.). After the warranty expires, our company will provide the required spare parts favourably regardless of whether the purchaser selects maintenance suppliers separately or not.

8. For equipment failure, our staff will arrive at the scene within 24 hours immediately upon the user notification.

9. For the units sold, we provide life free technical consulting service, which include our technicists pay regular visits annually to gather consumers' opinions and assist consumers on products’ maintenance. Besides, they will do the corresponding inspection and maintenance as well as solve problems appeared in the process of equipment operation.

10. According to the established customer archives and the specialized maintenance records for products’ units, our company will assist customers in their maintenance work and solve their problems without delay. Furthermore, we will improve our service quality steadily to better meet the customer requirements.

  Delivery service:

1. For technology design, we keep improving and optimizing. Firstly, we work closely with designing institutes and companies to guarantee our designing work carrying out smoothly. Beyond that, we take advices from the field operators effectively to perfect our design. If there is changing needs for designing institutes or special requirements for users, we will fully meet their demands and try our best to coordinate various relationships.

2. We choose the best parts and components manufacturer in China to not only meet performance requirements but also make for subsequent maintenance and parts supply.

3. During the course of fabrication, we completely support various jobs like drawing review, product manufacturing, checking and accepting so that all work before delivery could be conducted orderly.

www.澳门金沙6088.com  Package and Transport:

1. For each unit, there is a product label, in a prominent position in front, for example, product name, model; gross weight, net weight; boundary dimension: Length × width × height; weight, manufacturer name, date of production etc.

2. On the packing box, there are storage and transportation signs like moistureproof, rain-proof, anti-invert, no turning over, handle with care etc.

js9001.com金沙网站  On-site coordination:

1. For delivering products to users, we will order a specially-assigned person to help make an inventory.

2. During the process of installation and debugging, we order an experienced senior engineer to guide personally and freely to ensure the product run smoothly.

3. Free training crane driver and crane maintenance staff and building relationship with the maintenance staff so that long-term technical support for maintenance and use will be guaranteed. Whenever you use a crane, we will offer 24 hours maintenance to ensure your requirements.

  Information about spare parts supply:

We promise a timely delivery and a considerate service.

1. Reflect user needs without delay;

2. Provide products with super quality and competitive price as well as on time delivery;

3. Strictly control products quality;

4. Appropriate packaging to avoid omission and destroying.

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061-js5金沙2004cmAll in all, what we provide to users is not only qualified products, but also a superb service, a good image and a deep impression.