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GEAREA was established in 2006. We are an equipment and service provider of temperature and humidity independent control (THIC) industry. Over the years, GEAREA remains dedicated to R&D on energy conservation, environmental protection and human health etc. Especially, the R&D, production and marketing of liquid desiccant air conditioning unit has aggregated a multitude of talents with innovation capability, outstanding skills and plentiful experience. Innovation has always been the core driving force of GEAREA. Relying on strong scientific research strength of prestigious universities like Tsinghua University, Southeast University and Nanjing Tech University, GEAREA possesses a powerful R&D team as well as strong technology supporting in the area of liquid desiccant and THIC which ensures GEAREA air conditioning being the industry leader all the way.

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It is the only memorial museum in the country systematically exhibiting Mao Zedong’s life and achievements. The building area is 19000 m2.

Appropriately saving and fully displaying Mao Zedong’s remains is an important guarantee for Chinese nation wining advocacy, trust and support from the peoples of the world. Meanwhile, it has great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance for building a prosperous People's Republic of China. Nevertheless, temperature in Hunan often reaches up to 38 degree centigrade. The relative air humidity is high. It is very unfavorable for remains protection under such a high temperature and humidity.


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GHS was designed with newest compact structure of GEAREA. The unit size is similar to domestic washing machine. It can be place in outdoor balcony, roof and basement etc. Supported by the advanced liquid desiccant module and the inbuilt heat pump and refrigeration system, various functions to fresh air becomes reality, for instance, dust extraction

and sterilization, deep cleaning, refrigeration and dehumidification, heating and humidifying. The unit can be operated automatic all the year with highly intelligent automatic control system.

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