About us

        About us


GEAREA was established in 2006. We are an equipment and service provider of temperature and humidity independent control (THIC) industry. Over the years, GEAREA remains dedicated to R&D on energy conservation, environmental protection and human health etc. Especially, the R&D, production and marketing of liquid desiccant air conditioning unit has aggregated a multitude of talents with innovation capability, outstanding skills and plentiful experience. Innovation has always been the core driving force of GEAREA. Relying on strong scientific research strength of prestigious universities like Tsinghua University, Southeast University and Nanjing Tech University, GEAREA possesses a powerful R&D team as well as strong technology supporting in the area of liquid desiccant and THIC which ensures GEAREA air conditioning being the industry leader all the way.


GEAREA is a national high and new technology enterprise with its headquarters in Chaoyang District Beijing.  Dalian GEAREA Air Conditioning Technology Co. Ltd., and Jiangsu GEAREA Leader Air Conditioning Chiller Plant Co. Ltd., are the subsidiary below GEAREA.

Dalian GEAREA Air Conditioning Technology Co. Ltd., is located in the coastal city  Dalian. Jiangsu GEAREA Leader Air Conditioning Chiller Plant Co. Ltd., is located in the landscape garden city Changzhou. Changzhou research & development and production base (25,000 m2) is building now, the first-stage project will be finished in 2016. It can produce 8000 other ancillary products of THIC air-conditioning per year.


GEAREA focus on improving self R&D capability and technological level. We own the strong non-standard customization capability for thinking about users actually experience. GEAREA liquid desiccant air-handing unit can save energy by 30% to 70%, so it is preferred central air-conditioning system of various green building.

Our products have been widely used in various kinds of constructions (eg. hospital, office building, hotel, museum, exhibition hall, airport, railway station and research institutes) and industrial projects that demand high standards in cleanliness and temperature and humidity control (eg. pharmacy, electron, food, precise instrument, military industry). GEAREA obtained a wide range of praise from users with advanced product performance, excellent manufacturing process and the first-class customer service.

Standing at a new starting point, GEAREA will carry forward its enterprise tenet as “Quality First, Innovation and Dedication” and fulfill its promise to domestic and foreign customers and partners by means of superior products and perfect service.